Transcript Excerpts from my trial in a Western Australia court - August 8-12, 2011.
Alone, no legal counsel, attempting to defend myself in trial - utter ineptness. The trial should have been aborted.

My Appeal of Conviction (pending)
I had to prepare my appeal to the best of my abilities by myself. The appeal was submitted to the Supreme Court of Appeals, Western Australia, but was dismissed on "Permission For Leave To Appeal", which is a typical tactic used in cases of sex offence. In this manner, the judges never have to address the actual grounds in the appeal, which are made public, and which would expose the deliberate corruption used to ensure a conviction of an otherwise innocent man.

INVOICE - Deportation Costs - Over $11,000 dollars from Australia to USA .
I had flown to Australia to marry and begin a family in 1999. The flight cost $1,000 . I was deported from Australia after srrving 6 1/2 years in prison, which the Department of Immigration charged me $11,086 - and gave me just 30 days to pay it!


From the prevous Age of Accusation:

1628 CE (During the Inquisitions) A Father's Last Letter To His Daughter
One who is familiar with history as I am will immediately note the similar tactics used during the Witch Hunts of the Early Modern Era and those used in today's Sex Offence cases. Indeed, the tactic are born from a book called the Malleus Maleficarum (Witch Hammer) written in 1486 which would govern the proceedings of witch trials for the next four hundred years, ending, for the most part in Salem Village, 1692-3. (See Salem's Ghost - The New 'Witch' and the Return to the Age of Accusation). --- I know this father's agaony. I have written so many letters to my own little girl, for when she is old enough to understand what I went through, how hard I fought for her.


























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Diane Davison
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